Dr. Martens Steel Toe

There are some things in life you just wouldn’t want to be without. M&Ms. Puppies. Doc Martens.

Doc Martens boots have been extremely popular ever since Dr Klaus Maertens made the first pair to ease the pain of the ankle he injured in a skiing accident in the Bavarian Alps while he was on leave from the German army in 1945.

These soft leather shoes with soles padded with air quickly became a huge success with German housewives. These German ladies, mostly over the age of 40, generated about 80 percent of sales during the first decade they were made.

In 1959, the R Griggs Group Ltd, a British shoe manufacturer, purchased the patent rights to Dr Maertens shoes. Griggs tweaked the spelling of the name, added the signature yellow stitching around the soles, and trademarked the name AirWair.

April 1, 1960, is considered the birthday of the Dr Martens boots we all know and love today. Made of cherry red Nappa leather with eight eyelets, the boots quickly became popular with hard-working British factory workers, policemen, and postmen.

Trendy punk rockers and New Wave musicians began sporting DMs and a fashion trend spread around the world.

Lots of people wanted to wear them to work even though they didn’t meet new safety standards for footwear in certain workplaces but this didn’t remain a problem for long.

Dr Martens steel toe boots quickly became available. These new steel toe boots were designed to meet global industrial standards.

Today’s Dr Martens steel toe boots meet the standards set by the ANSI Z41 PT 99 safety act in the United States, which is also recognized as safe in Europe and Canada. Some styles are even ESD rated. All Dr Martens steel toe boots and shoes in the industrial line come with slip-resistant soles, too.

Not all Dr Martens steel toe boots and shoes are designed for industrial wear, though. Some are for fashion only. You’ll find an ANSI/OSHA certification tag on the inside of the tongue if the shoe meets workplace safety standards.

If there is no safety certification tag, enjoy wearing these Dr Martens steel toe boots and shoes for fun and fashion only.

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