Dunham Steel Toe Shoes

Got some rugged work to do? Or better still, some rugged playing?

Either situation calls for the best equipment possible. Rugged work and rugged play can be tough on a person so using gear that protects the body at the same time it enhances the performance is as good as any gear needs to be.

Some of the men (and women) who work in the most rugged environments rely on the highest quality equipment from the ground up. And that starts with their footwear.

Men who take their gear seriously have worn Dunham steel toe shoes for more than 100 years. These shoes have withstood the test of time and are considered some of the best footwear available on the market today.

Dunham steel toe shoes are part of the product line of a Brattleboro, Vermont, company that got its start way back in 1885. Brothers George and Charles Dunham opened their Dunham Brothers shoe store to sell the finely crafted handmade boots they designed for the pioneers and explorers of the day.

Those early pioneers and explorers valued the high quality and reliability of the Dunham Brothers’ shoes in a time and place where problems with their feet could have easily made the difference between life and death. Over the years the product line has expanded but the craftsmanship has remained as sturdy and solid as the footwear itself.

In time, the Dunham Brothers shoe store became Dunham Bootmakers, which is now a part of the New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., family of quality footwear. Since New Balance acquired Dunham in 1998, the partnership has remained committed to the uncompromising quality and integrity of products started way back in 1885 by the Dunham brothers themselves.

Whether you wear your Dunham steel toe shoes for work or for pleasure, you can rest assured that the most advanced technologies and innovative materials available today went into the crafting of your shoes.

And doesn’t that make your feet feel better already?

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