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Light Weight Stab Proof Vest

A light weight stab proof vest works like a body armor that protects humans in many dangerous situations; today, it is very essential to have such a vest as the rate of criminal attacks is increasing by the day. The demand of stab proof vests and bullet proof vests have increased by the day.

The functioning of the stab proof vests

The importance of the stab proof vests cannot be ignored; it is great for your safety and wearing a light weight stab proof vest also makes you very comfortable.

The fabric that makes up the stab proof vest is excellently designed for resisting penetration of any sharp object. The fabric should have the capacity to bar a sharp object with a small tip from being delivered with a high speed and great force.

These vests are medically tested for determining their performance. A light weight stab proof vest lets you be comfortable and does not delay you or cause an obstruction to the activities that you might be pursuing.

Parents concern

Stab proof vests are now in demand by the concerned parents, especially the Australian and American moms and dads. The children are facing criminal attacks at an alarming rate and this is getting the parents alarmed.

This a step from the side of the parents to get their children protected from the rising street violence. When a child is dressed in a light weight stab proof vest, parents are tension free and know that their children are safe from being stabbed. This body armor protects the child and is lightweight to keep the child free in his/her movements.

Parents are now even demanding the stab proof vests to be an integral part of their children's uniform, as this ensures the safety of the children.

Taking care of the light weight stab proof vest

The fabric of the stab proof vests can be adversely affected by the bleach and dry-cleaning agents; repeated washing is not advised for the antiballistic properties of the fabric. Thus, the vests are waterproofed to do away with all these problems.

The light weight stab proof vest is now a protective body armor for not only the children, but also the police officers. It is a great item to make you confident, once you know that no sharp metal can pierce you and being lightweight makes you comfortable to go about your work normally.

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