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Stab Proof Vests

A stab proof jacket is an unparalleled jacket that provides you 100% protection from stabs, slashes and cuts that can be caused by sharp or even blunt edged weapons. These days, when crimes are rising at an alarming rate, the stab proof jackets, vests and other stab-proof wears have become a ‘must posses’ for many.

These stab-proof jackets make use of a kind of stab resistant material called Kevlar. Kevlar is a sort of synthetic fiber, which is usually spun into a kind of fabric even stronger than steel and is especially used to make armored vests being widely worn by British troops in Iraq.

Be it a stab proof jacket or any other stab-proof outfit, it serves as a versatile armoring solution. Such a garment has been designed with immense flexibility and they are just perfect for police, journalists, military and security personnel. Stab proof jackets are made with Velcro system so that it can withstand all occupational hazards. Collar guards and shoulder armoring are some of the options, which can be conveniently added or removed even after you have purchased a stab proof jacket.

Wearing a jacket like this is a sort of added protection for your body. Therefore, you should go for it as soon as possible.

A safety shield that a stab proof jacket is, it is mostly lightweight and hence can be worn always and by anyone. Many a times, a stab proof jacket also is an equally effective bulletproof wear and can combat all weather conditions. No matter whether it is raining or you are standing under the scorching sun, you can wear the jacket at all times of the year.

As A Form Of Child Protection

In the face of the rising crimes involving children, wherein the victims are mostly children (if not assailants), the stab-proof/bullet-proof wears are bringing parents their peace of mind, wiping away all their anxieties and concerns.

Most parents nowadays are making their children wear stab proof jackets before sending them to school. The parents constantly pay the firms that have a wide array of production starting from body armors to line blazers and jumpers. A stab proof jacket provides utmost protection to a child, protecting, saving the child from sudden criminal attacks within the school premises, outside in the streets and just about anywhere.

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