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Stab Proof Jackets

The stab proof jackets are great armoring solution to escape different situational hazards. The jackets provide an impregnable shield to blunt or sharp weapons, knife stabbing, or attacks with hypodermic needles or broken bottles. They have found their use as the first line of defense largely with the Military, Police and other security personnel, as well as Journalists. The stab proof jackets offer to protect your shoulder, collar, and even the groin regions.

For a common person, the threat of thieves is a common threat always lurking behind. Those carrying valuable and sophisticated accessories such as iPods are highly vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, instead of living in fear constantly, you could consider getting some stab proof jackets to ensure your security and safety. A lot of you would also recognize how critical they can be in cases of bar fights. Further, there are some of these jackets, which perform dual functions – protecting from stabs as well as keeping off rains.

Coming to the children, with the street crime rate rapidly rising, they can also be targets of stabbing. Especially a wave of stabbing has developed among the teenagers, after the killing of promising footballer Kiyan Prince who was knifed near his school gates in North London. Several parents have provided stab-proof uniforms to their children to save them from such atrocities. Usually, they pay a firm, which makes stab proof jackets for their kids. These jackets are usually made out of Kevlar – a synthetic fiber that can be spun into fabric five times stronger than steel.

Some of these stab proof jackets produced for security personnel are made from 100% polyester canvas with a PU-coating on the reverse and these weigh around 3 kilograms. These jackets that maintain the European Police Standard for tactical vests and offer high protection levels can even resist 9mm full metal jacket round nose projectiles, 44 Magnum jacketed Soft Point projectiles, 44 Magnum Jacketed Hollow projectiles, etc.

These jackets may cost you as much as $2000, however, its worth nothing when considering their life-saving aspect. The stab proof jackets are genuinely, versatile armoring solutions to escape stabbing threats. They not only prevent threats to life, but also offer you the much-needed peace of mind so that you can concentrate on your job.

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