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Stab Proof Vest

Wear a stab proof vest to stay away from any knife attacks. When sharp objects like ice picks, awls and nails are penetrated through one's clothing, they do not have to break the fibers, but simply push the fibers apart and slip in to penetrate through to your body. Knives, however, is a different problem with the tip penetrating, followed by the cutting edges slicing through the fibers to finally penetrate your body.

How The Stab Proof Vest Works?

The stab proof vest is a fabric that resists the penetration of a sharp object; it prevents the entry of a very small, pointed-tipped object that has been delivered with high velocity. The stab proof vest provides you with the highest puncture resistance that was ever possible with fabric.

The stab resistant protective armor is made from flexible fibers that were once used by custodial and correction officers; the fibers are extremely light and very flexible. Though these vests are mainly used for shielding your body against any sharp weapon attacks, these can also be used as a protective armor against the .22 LR zip guns or the .38 special handgun fire.

Use Of Stab Proof Vests For The Protection Of Children

Since the past few years, it is quite apparent that criminal attacks on children are on the rise. Parents, therefore, are very much concerned about the safety of their children. In such a scenario, anxious parents are increasingly opting for stab proof vests.

Witnessing the demand of the stab proof vests, the clothing firms are coming up with a range of stab proof clothing, like the knife-resistant T-shirts, hooded tops and even gloves. In an act of child safety, British and Australian parents are now demanding children's school blazers to be made out of the stab-proof material. The stab proof school uniforms have been developed by certain clothing firms giving in to the demands of the worried parents.

Parents are doing their bit to keep their kids safe from street violence and even if the stab proof vest is expensive, it really does not matter much when the safety of your child is in question.

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