Women's Steel Toe Shoes

She’s been known by many names. The Steel Butterfly. Beauty queen. The Muse of Manila. First Lady. Congressional representative. Minister of Human Settlements. Governor. Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary. Mrs. Ferdinand Marcos. Imelda.

All these titles and terms of endearment pale in comparison to what Imelda Marcos is most famous for – her shockingly vast collection of over three thousand pairs of shoes.

And it’s a pretty likely bet that the Steel Butterfly didn’t have even one single pair of women’s steel toe shoes in her extensive collection of footwear.

But that’s her loss.

Many of us who rely on our women’s steel toe shoes for protection on the job wouldn’t trade them for all six thousand of Imelda’s shoes. Nothing keeps our feet as safe as steel toe shoes. They’re one fashion we’ve borrowed from the men folk and made our own.

More and more often, women are finding jobs we love on construction sites, in forest services, and in the ranching industry. All these jobs are safer when wearing women’s steel toe shoes.

And women’s steel toe shoes aren’t just for the workplace, either. Many women enjoy wilderness hiking, rock climbing, and other sports and leisure activities that can be pretty rough on the feet. The reinforced protective plating around the toe area of these shoes keeps our feet safe and pain free so we can play longer.

And some of us enjoy wearing boots styled after women’s steel toe shoes. Especially those of us who play in bands. With loud guitars. We don’t even have to play in the bands to wear the shoes. In some circles, women’s steel toe shoes are just high fashion.

Some of us even think our women’s steel toe shoes are worth their weight in gold.

But, yeah, if we really got the chance, we might, just might, consider trading them in for some of Imelda’s shoes. But only if we got the full collection in return.

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