Womens Steel Toe Shoes

Some women may fall asleep at night dreaming of glass slippers and handsome princes although their waking hours seem anything but the stuff fairytales are made of.

The fact is that women are getting more and more jobs in occupations that have been traditionally considered men’s work. These jobs often take place in hazard-filled environments that aren’t very pretty and that can be quite dangerous. Certain clothing and safety gear is required to maintain safety on such jobs.

Womens steel toe shoes are certainly important in such an environment. These shoes have rigid protective plates surrounding the toe area to minimize or eliminate any injury to the foot when dangerous work is unavoidable.

Womens steel toe shoes sometimes seem much more attractive than glass slippers to the woman chef, for example. The hustle and bustle of a commercial kitchen can be a very hazardous place and many protective measures soon become second nature.

In a busy kitchen where there may be dozens of knife-wielding coworkers, wearing womens steel toe shoes may mean the difference between a full pedicure during the off hours or a discount rate due to a shortage of toes to polish. Those professional chefs like to keep their knives razor sharp and when one of them drops, it can be big trouble for toes below.

A big kitchen also means lots of big pots. Heavy pots. Heavy pots that are often full of boiling liquids. These big, heavy pots have a tendency to drop to the floor from time to time, too. Wearing womens steel toe shoes may prevent a crushing injury or a serious burn from the hot liquids.

Because the environment is so full of potential danger, many commercial kitchens require womens steel toe shoes to be worn at all times on the job. The men chefs must wear steel toe shoes, too.

Other safety features often built into womens steel toe shoes are anti-static protection, skid-resistant soles that don’t react with grease or chemical solvents, and high tops that extend above the ankles.

They may not look so pretty on the outside but womens steel toe shoes certainly do their share to keep the feet snuggled inside them as safe and pretty as possible.

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